I believe organic is always optimal for health and our planet! So, I source all of my ingredients from suppliers that use all organic practices, and those that are USDA certified are marked as such. I also utilize regressive raised cow tallow and wildcrafted herbs whenever possible.

Tallow is rendered beef suet (fat found around the loins and kidneys). All tallow used in Humble Hive products is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle and slow rendered by either myself or sources I know and trust!

Product questions

Tallow is a primarily saturated fat and therefore changes its consistency with temperature. In transit, your tallow whip may have changed consistency a bit and should resume to a whipped silky consistency once settled at room temperature. You can also place it in the fridge to accelerate its cooling. If your tallow travels in freezing temperatures and arrives hard, let it settle at room temperature as well.

Because tallow and jojoba are extremely low in poly-unsaturated fatty acids (having more than one double bond), they are stable when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. Most skincare products contain PUFA's that have gone rancid when exposed to oxygen (the air) or on your skin when you are in the sun or exposed to indoor lighting (light + heat). This promotes free radical damage that can lead to aging and other health issues. I specifically use tallow (a primarily saturated fat) and jojoba wax (a mono and saturated fat with less than 3% PUFA) for this reason. Jojoba wax and meadow foam seed are incredibly unique amongst other seed oils and have a very high resistance to heat, coupled with them being rich in protective vitamin e, there is a very small, natural percentage of PUFA in our products.

Because of the nature of tallow and jojoba (being rich in Vitamin E) it has a natural preservative and therefore has a long shelf life and superb stability. It may start to smell a little different around 9-12 months, so that is my recommended keep time. Please contact me with any other questions!

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